How to Double Your Downloads
And Get Your Keywords Rank Without a Huge Budget


ASO mastery

with Steve P. Young

ASO Strategies to Double Your Downloads

You will discover how to organically increase your QuickAppNinja game exposure and downloads through App Store Optimization (ASO). You will see exact strategy that TOP ASO EXPERTS use to increase downloads for their clients by 100-500% and how they helped rank #1 for their most desired keywords. ASO, also known as SEO for apps, is the process of improving the visibility of a mobile app in a given app store.

In this 2 hour length video course you will discover what elements of your app will help you increase its visibility in the app stores. We reveal the exact process and tools that we use to do research and find relevant keywords that have low competition.

The goal of ASO is to drive more traffic to your game’s page in the app store, so searchers can take a specific action: downloading your app.

Whether you are a beginner or an experience app marketer, after the course, you will be equipped with all the knowledge to optimize your app and increase its visibility and downloads.

15 instructional videos

6How to select right game niche
11Optimizing beyond the keywords
2What is ASO
7Keyword research tools
12How to make A/B tests
3ASO factors
8Free ASO tools
13Managing reviews
4ASO strategies
9Paid ASO tools
14How to get low cost installs
5Difference between Gogle Play & Apple App Store
10How to select right name for your game and write description
15Final thoughts
  1. 1Introduction
  2. 2What is ASO
  3. 3ASO factors
  4. 4ASO strategies
  5. 5Difference between Gogle Play & Apple App Store
  6. 6How to select right game niche
  7. 7Keyword research tools
  8. 8Free ASO tools
  9. 9Paid ASO tools
  10. 10How to select right name for your game and write description
  11. 11Optimizing beyond the keywords
  12. 12How to make A/B tests
  13. 13Managing reviews
  14. 14How to get low cost installs
  15. 15Final thoughts

Who is the course author?

This course was created & recorded exclusively for QuickAppNinja platform
by ASO expert - Steve P. Young.

Steve P. Young is an app marketing consultant and founder of AppMasters.

He helps clients get featured by Google & Apple, increase downloads using App Store Optimization and drive cost effective influencer marketing campaigns.

He write articles for The Huffington Post,, The Next Web & Lifehack.

  • Steve’s accomplishments:

  • 1# App Business podcast Next Web & Lifehack.
  • Speaker for ASO and Growth Hacking App Downloads
  • Consistent increases in downloads for ASO clients (avg 50-150% increase in downloads)

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